Mobile Friendly Website

Aron Kiefer

Mobile Friendly Website

The convenience of conducting searches on the move has led to an increase in the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet. These users look for the quickest and most relevant results while searching on mobile devices, regardless if the information exists on mobile-friendly web pages or apps.

Accordingly, it was at the end of February that Google announced that they would be altering mobile search results to give mobile-friendly sites a significantly higher ranking from April 21st. With this new update, websites which are not mobile-friendly will suffer a negative impact on their site ranking and organic traffic.

Previous updates

As per the update, Google’s algorithms will adapt to these usage patterns. Google had previously made updates ensuring a site was configured properly and was viewable on modern devices. Google had also make it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and had also introduced App Indexing to locate useful content through apps. However today, Google has made two important changes wherein users can locate more mobile-friendly content.

Webmasters now need to get ready for the change by using the following tools to learn about how Googlebot views pages. The Mobile Friendly Test is a simple but effective means of determining if your site is mobile friendly. Google checks various settings on your website like signal site configuration, crawlable resources, slow mobile pages and a mobile friendly design to determine if your site is mobile-friendly or not.

Mobile friendly design

Regarding a mobile friendly design, Google looks at three main indicators to ensure a site offers an optimized mobile experience- placement of links as links placed too close together are not clickable by big thumbs, text size as you need to punch and zoom to read very small text and if the meta viewport tag is included on the site.

Starting February, Google has started using information from indexed apps as a factor for ranking their users with installed apps. The benefit of this move is that content from indexed apps is made more prominent and visible in searches. It’s possible to learn about implementing App Indexing through the guide available on the developer site.

Considering all this, this mobile SEO update from Google proves to be a really big one which will change the world of websites and searches forever. It also provides a great opportunity and reason to improve your web presence and maximizing mobile searches.

As it is very important that your site is mobile friendly and ready by April 21st, you can learn more about Mobile Friendly Websites at if you need help building a mobile friendly website.