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affordable writting serviceMy article writing service is just that. I can take your rough thoughts and compose them into a professionally written article that can be use for many things. I mostly developed this service to help my clients develop content for their web pages. I found that most of my clients are very busy and don't have the time to write the proper content for their web pages.

As professional business people, we all know that we have the ability to write content for our website. I can make this decision very easy for you at $10 per 100 words. You simple give me some basic bullet points and facts about the content you want written, and I will have it professionally written in less than 5 business days.


Search Engine Optimization

In addition to just writing the content, these articles are written in a way to be optimized for the proper keyword saturation. That is, the article will target the keyword search phrase you desire, and benefit the overall search ability of your website.

Search engines are becoming more sophisticated today, and they actually index every word of your web page. The words are then analyzed to determine the relevancy of your content. Some search engine optimization experts suggest that the actual content has more significance than the meta tags themselves. The actual words on your website had best be talking about the keywords you want to attract natural searches from.

Relevant Content

The general consensus is that you should have a minimum of 350 words on each web page. Also make sure that your targeted keyword search phrase is mentioned with the proper saturation - not too much and not too little. If you over use the keywords, it is considered "stuffing" and can cause a search engine to consider you to be artificially spamming your page in order to gain search traffic - this is frowned upon.

If you don't have enough mentioned keywords, your web page will be considered not relevant, and therefore not attract search traffic either. The key is to use to proper saturation of keywords, usually about 1-2%.

The articles can also be used for many other applications, such as blog posts, or even your marketing material. If you have other needs for writing services, please ask me.


One Article, 350-500 words, one keyword search phrase (2-3 words), completed in 5 business days.

I include 2 FREE articles with a search engine optimization package. Please contact me for additional information and questions.